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Learn More About Getting Solar for Your Business

Start saving today while doing your part in saving the world

Whether you’re trying to decrease costs by switching to a renewable energy source or just want your business go “green,” we can help you achieve your company’s goals! Call today to find out about commercial solar power systems and how they can affect your bottom line.


1. Quote

After you contacted us via phone, email, or our online form, our friendly staff will arrange for a site visit. We will evaluate your available roof space and help analyse your energy usage and costs.


Our staff will prepare a proposal, which outlines the system equipment, contract cost, state rebate amount, and federal tax credit.


After you have reviewed the proposal, we will draft a contract. Once you sign the contract and rebate reservation forms, we will process the rebate paperwork and begin the project.



Our in-house designer will make an appointment with you to survey your roof. You can review the design before its submission for a permit.


We will take care of all material procurement, permits, engineering and installation.

6.Enjoy Solar Energy!


Commercial Solar Profit

In addition to the maximum savings your business will enjoy by upgrading to solar energy, several tax credits and incentives exist for commercial properties that use a renewable energy source. Additionally, your business will profit from being able to have control over its energy usage and consumption, and your company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint will appeal to like-minded clients who are interested in saving the planet.

Green Is Good

Switching to a renewable energy source like solar power is a great way to do your part to help our environment. When your business goes green, everybody wins! By making the commitment to solar energy, you are showing your customers that you care about the Earth, and that matters! In addition to how good it feels to know you are making the eco-friendly choice, your business can benefit from various tax credits and incentives that exist for business who make eco-friendly upgrades


Our client’s vary in size, motivation and industry but a common thread is the steadfast process we apply to every project. This plan is simple and transparent and ensures everyone is well-informed during the whole project. When we do this, we achieve real value for our clients – whether it’s through financial returns, meeting a sustainability target or maximising solar power yields.



Its no longer a barrier to gaining the benefits of solar power for your business. Our flexible finance options can deliver savings from day one with zero upfront costs. Our in-house experts will meet your needs with tailored finance options from Australia’s leading financial institutions.


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