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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does the installation of this system take?

Upon signing the contract and agreeing on a method of payment, we will complete the paperwork, ensuring that your grid connection gets approval. Post the formalities, the installation of the system commences and normally does not take more than a day – depending on the system and location of your property. After the installation, a representative from the utility company will check the installed system and approve its activation and interaction with the grid. Overall duration should nevertheless be mentioned.

  • What is the lifespan of these solar systems?

When maintained properly, these systems can produce electricity for more than 25 years. Most solar panel manufacturers guarantee at least 80% efficiency of these systems for at least 25 years.

  • What is the frequency of maintenance?

For high quality system parts, the maintenance required is usually negligible. The surface panels are normally self-cleaning depending on the tilt of the panel and the roof. However, just like with all equipment a regular ‘health check’ for the system, will ensure that it works to its optimum for the entire 25+ years duration. A maintenance schedule will be provided post installation.

  • What are the considerations before purchasing a solar power system?

It is important to know the direction of the home’s roof. It should get sunlight between 9am and 3pm. In addition, the space on the roof should be at least 15x15m for a minimum 1.5kW system and the roof should be strong enough to support the solar panel system.

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