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Servicing your Solar System

Just like you service your car, a solar power system should have a regular maintenance check-up to ensure it is working efficiently and safely. Servicing your system regularly can help to identify any faults or potential issues, allowing you to get the most out of your solar investment.

Although your system is designed to be robust and reliable with a life of around 25 to 30 years, your panels are exposed to seasonal changes and the inverter is working constantly to convert electrical currents, meaning that over time, due to wear and tear, your system may not be producing as much energy as it should be.

Solar Power system maintenance procedures are best carried out by our highly qualified installers and service technicians who are well conversant with the installed PV components and their safety procedures.

Our solar panel maintenance services take care of the full range of PV maintenance processes that include:

  • Carrying out visual inspections at the site
  • Conducting verifications of the PV system operations
  • Taking corrective actions
  • Monitoring and verifying how effective each action has been.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough workmanship and ensuring that your solar power system will continue to perform at the highest possible level of efficiency for years to come.

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