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To make the most suitable and well informed choice you first need to determine what type of solar power system will meet your needs the best. There are 3 types of solar power systems:

 On-Grid System

On-Grid System is very commonly used. This system is linked to the main electrical grid. Thus, the user is able to use both – the solar energy during the day and the grid’s electricity during night. The most advantageous feature of this system is that the surplus energy produced during the day can be transmitted back to the grid. And your electricity provider will pay you a feed-in-tariff. Thus, it can be used somewhere else or can be used by you only on a cloudy or a stormy day or at night time in case your solar panels are not able to produce enough for you.

 Off-Grid System

Off-Grid System also called as Stand Alone Power System is not linked to the electricity grid. It is common in far-flung areas where mains power is unavailable. To help balance any shortage or excess in generation of energy, batteries are used for backup as well as storage.

Another source of energy supply like an electric generator is connected with the system to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power; if in a rare case solar panels are unable to generate energy or batteries get discharged.

 Hybrid System

Hybrid systems are connected to the grid as well as have battery storage and backup. In this system, instead of sending excess power back to the grid it is stored for use during peak demands or low energy generation due to less or no sunlight. This highly advanced system provides it users a constant supply of steady, economical and environment friendly electricity.

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