Solar Rebate

Solar Rebate

Basically, there are two ways in which you can redeem some cost of installing and maintaining your solar power system.
1. Government Rebates
2. Feed – in tariff

Government Rebates

Government rebate can help you in contributing the cost of purchase as well as installing the system based on customer’s requirements.
Government provide some federal and state rebates that are available for rooftop solar as well as battery storage. Both of these can help in reducing the price for purchasing and installing the solar system.
These rebates can be searched by yourself through Federal Government’s energy rebate webpage. 

Feed – in tariff

In Feed in tariff the customer sells the excess electricity which is generated to the grid. These are very common for residential system rater than the commercial customers. However, the commercial customers can exchange their electricity generation with the electric retailer at a negotiable rate.

Now a days, government have introduced net feed in tariffs which means that the electricity which is produced by solar panels are first used at home and the excess is exported to the grid. These tariff rates differ from state to state. Some government regulates a minimum rate and some negotiate deal with electricity retailers.
Moreover, the government have fixed no minimum tariff rate in South wales or South East Queensland, it means that for these reasons it’s best to find out best tariff provider retailers by customers.