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Our greatest natural resource which will provide more than 6 Billion years of power, the SUN. Australia is blessed with the best solar capabilities in the world, which means make the Smartest energy choice today by going solar.Energy from solar system is the smartest way to power your homes today.

During sunlight hours, solar power assists with the supply of power to the household, an alternative to using power from the power company. Through monitoring usage habits and spacing out utilisation during the day, you can make the most of a solar powered solution.

Any excess solar energy sent back to the power grid, is recognised as a credit, also known as a solar contribution on your energy bill. This means your electricity retailer will purchase any excess solar, that your solar array feeds back into the grid. If you require more electricity, you are still able to utilise power from the grid – ensuring you are supplied with the necessary amount of power for your home.

Australia being the sun blessed country receives the highest average solar radiations per square meter as compared to any other continent in the world. As such going Solar is the smartest option as compared to other energy saving techniques

The Sun, the natural power plant in the sky produces energy in the form of heat and light; called Solar Energy. When this energy is converted into electricity either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar energy, Solar Power is produced.

Photovoltaics' is the technology used to convert sunlight into electric energy to generate Solar Power. This is done using solar cells or photovoltaic cells which convert Light Energy in the form of photons into Direct Current – DC. Direct Current is then converted into Alternate Current (AC) via inverter for your household use.

Cells are made from such materials that exhibit “photovoltaic effect” i.e. when sunlight hits the cells, the photons of the light cause the electrons in the cells to excite and flow generating electricity.

Just by keeping a track of usage and planning out proper utilization, one can make the most out of a solar powered solution. In case power grid receives any excess energy back, it is considered as a credit and is termed as solar contribution on the energy bill. Thus, the electricity provider has to buy whatsoever energy gets fed back into the grid by the solar array. However, if more electricity is needed, power from the grid can be utilized ensuring that the required amount of power is being supplied to your home.

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