Why go Solar?

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Start saving money on your electric bill now

Start making savings of 80-90% on electric bill

Increase value of your property instantly

Stop wasting money on electricity and build an asset for your home

Lock-in energy costs for years to come and avoid the hiking rates

Inflation in the electricity prices doesn't bothers you. Lock-in energy costs for years.

Enjoy Benefits of Government Incentives

Take advantage of government incentives

Switch from traditional electricity to solar power and enjoy numerous benefits!

It's a known fact that electricity costs form a major portion of your monthly budget, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. With Solar Power you will be able generate electricity throughout the day and you won't have to rely on utility providers. Thus, you will be able to save on huge electricity bills as well as any rise in electricity costs in near future won't affect you.


We must take rapid, effective, innovative action to change the ways we generate and use energy.

Put your home to work generating solar photovoltaic power, you’ll see immediate savings on your electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Solar Power Systems may be complex technology, however its installation and maintenance is not, especially when skilled hands are at work. Thus, we always use accredited CEC installers, which go with our duty as solar panel designers approved by Clean Energy Council. All our technicians have undergone the necessary professional training, in adherence to Australian Standards and industry`s best practices. Just One day and you have Your Solar Power System Installed!

Solar Power Systems are an Install and Forget Investment. However, we recommend having a service once every two years. This is to ensure that the system is in its finest working condition and is functioning to its optimum capacity.


Environment Friendly

Go Solar and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! This is the cleanest and the most reasonable form of renewable energy, now days. By opting for a Solar Power System you are not only doing yourself a favour but the Mother Nature as well. A standard residential solar power system can wipe out three to four tons of carbon emissions per year that equals to planting over 100 trees annually.

Available All The Time

Let's clear this myth that solar power is available only when sun is up there in the sky. However, the fact is energy is supplied round the clock as we connect you to the grid. As such there is no risk of power outage at night. More over if you have chosen solar panels with a battery backup system, then power can be stored for use in case of emergencies. Hence, whether it’s a cloudy day or a rainy day, your panels will be working throughout to generate energy.


Solar Panels are not damaged easily as there are no moving parts; thus, lowering the chances of any interruption in service. All our solar panels are thoroughly examined to make sure that they can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions like hail or heavy snowfall.

Even if in a rare case, any damage happens to the solar panels, that is covered by our 25 Year Warranty

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