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Choosing The Right System Type

On-Grid System

An on-grid residential solar power system connects to the public grid, reducing electricity bills by using solar energy and feeding excess power back to the grid.

Off-Grid System

An off-grid residential solar power system operates independently from the public grid, using solar panels and battery storage to provide electricity in remote areas or during power outages.

Hybrid System

A hybrid residential solar power system combines solar panels, battery storage, and grid connectivity for flexible energy use and backup during outages.
Professional approach

Choosing the System Size

Choosing the right size of the solar power system is the key to achieving the set goals. The size of any system is dependent on several factors:

  • Available and usable roof size
  • Power need and usage pattern
  • Location and availability of ample sunlight
  • Location and availability of ample sunlight
  • Number of appliances installed in the house
  • The climate of the region – sunny days Vs cloudy days
  • Budget and finance available

Solar Rebate

Basically, there are two ways in which you can redeem some cost of installing and maintaining your solar power system.

Government Rebates

Government rebate can help you in contributing the cost of purchase as well as installing the system based on customer’s requirements.

Government provide some federal and state rebates that are available for rooftop solar as well as battery storage. Both of these can help in reducing the price for purchasing and installing the solar system.

These rebates can be searched by yourself through Federal Government’s energy rebate webpage.

Feed – in tariff

In Feed in tariff the customer sells the excess electricity which is generated to the grid. These are very common for residential system rater than the commercial customers. However, the commercial customers can exchange their electricity generation with the electric retailer at a negotiable rate.

Now a days, government have introduced net feed in tariffs which means that the electricity which is produced by solar panels are first used at home and the excess is exported to the grid. These tariff rates differ from state to state. Some government regulates a minimum rate and some negotiate deal with electricity retailers.

Moreover, the government have fixed no minimum tariff rate in South wales or South East Queensland, it means that for these reasons it’s best to find out best tariff provider retailers by customers.

Our Team Can Help You to Go Solar Now…

Pay As You Save

Save Money on your Power bills and start generating free electricity for yourself. We at Clean and green solution can make shifting to solar easier and less on your pocket with Pay As you Save Program (PAYS) where you can stop your all worries about the cost of Installation.

Our Plans can help you to save your hard earn money from the very start !!

No Deposit

There will be no upfront cost that need to be paid for insatalltion of solar pannels. 

Reduced Repayments

Don’t worry about your payment plans it will be less than your current cost of electricity bills.

Saving from very start

The New solar electricity will definately help you start saving money from day one.

Acquire feed in tariff

Make yourself eligible for recieving feed in tariff on the use of electricity.

How Can I enroll myself to PAYS.

We at Clean and greens can help you to generate your own electricity from solar energy. You need to follow these 4 simple steps.

1. Personally Designed Solution

We at Clean and Green Solution can help you to generate personally designed solutions that can be best fitted for your property as well as your pocket.

3. Installation

Our specially qualified team will then visit your property for installation and will help you to answer every small queries you have.

2. Check eligibility criteria

Our team then with the help of friendly financial consultant will help you to establish finance repayment plan that is especially suitable for you.

4. Start your saving

Now you’ll be fully ready to reduce your bills by selling your excess generated electricity from solar power to other retailers.
best Seller

Perfect For Small Home

6.6 kW
$1990Estimated Yearly Savings
  • 18 X 370W Panels
  • 1 X 5kW Inverter
  • Old Bill $620
  • New Bill $110 (Save Upto 85%)
  • * Can Save More If More Usage In Daytime
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Perfect For Large Homes

7.77 kW
$2270Estimated Yearly Savings
  • 21 X 370W Panels
  • 1 X 6kW Inverter
  • Old Bill $620
  • New Bill -$112.09 (Bill in Credit)
  • * Can Save More If More Usage In Daytime
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best Seller

Good for Small Businesses

10.36 kW
$3210Estimated Yearly Savings
  • 28 X 370W Panels
  • 1 X 10kW Inverter
  • Old Bill $620
  • New Bill -$250 (Bill in Credit)
  • * Can Save More If More Usage In Daytime
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Perfect For Small Home

6.6 kW
$3730Estimated Yearly Savings
  • 40 X 370W Panels
  • 1 X 15kW Inverter
  • Old Bill $620
  • New Bill -$320 (Bill in Credit)
  • * Can Save More If More Usage In Daytime
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Barrie BrookesBarrie Brookes
01:42 16 May 24
Best money I’ve spent!Every step of the way was easy and hassle free with this business. Nothing was too hard for them to consider or do. Even the installer was a delight to work with. Since then I’ve been able to monitor the system from my computer and I’m saving a ton of money. Would highly recommend.
Dash SpaceskiDash Spaceski
03:10 10 May 24
The process was very smooth. Clean and green have taken care of all our approvals. No complaints for that. They professionally completed the things but that took little longer to change the smart metre from the retailer
Richard GerrardRichard Gerrard
23:54 09 May 24
Very happy with their service. No complaints
Victor PVictor P
05:09 06 May 24
What a great service, very helpful and explain me everything and try get proper system for me he helped me to get better feed in rates
Luciana De MusisLuciana De Musis
04:10 06 May 24
Clean and green solutions are the good company to deal with. We got old Solar system at our place and we were not saving much from that and one of our friends have suggested us Clean and green. They installed system from them and were very happy. After we contacting them they are very prompt with the actions and helped us. They are very professional I must say and the team is very professional too.I would highly recommend them to others.
Dean Platten morrisDean Platten morris
05:42 28 Feb 24
Very helpful, good communication, pleasant to work with.
Pero JakovovicPero Jakovovic
05:25 24 Jan 24
Excellent service, always helpful, fully recommend
Patrick LanePatrick Lane
03:53 15 Jan 24
Excellent service, very happy for after installation, work fine , only one phone call away
Glenn BurtonGlenn Burton
01:53 05 Jan 24
Excellent service after installation and they gave really good plan happy for it , recommend to everyone, cheap system as well.
Rajan DuaRajan Dua
07:03 30 Sep 23
I was having issues getting solar installed because of the steep roof. Finally, I cam in contact with Clean and Green Solutions team. They cleared all my doubts, visited the site, and the installation went perfectly. It was the nice gesture that the sales person personally came to see there are no concerns and everything going well on the day of installation. I am very happy with my experience with Clean and Green Solutions and after sales support as well.
Dennis GibbonsDennis Gibbons
02:09 05 Sep 23
Very happy with their service. We upgraded our solar system with clean and green solutions in 2021. We were in credit from the time we install system. Last week we had trouble with our solar app. We contacted them and they are very prompt with their service. They came to our place and fixed that. Very happy.. They are very progressively. Highly recommend
Sue LemmerSue Lemmer
05:57 31 May 23
It’s been almost two years since solar installation by their team, system is working flawlessly. I have seen significant reduction in my bills. Thanku Clean and Green Solutions team for this top notch service.
Warren PetherickWarren Petherick
02:41 12 Feb 23
We got 6.6kw solar system with clean and green. Very happy with the savings. Got the return as promised. We contacted them again for battery. Happy with everything from beginning to end.

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