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Why SOlar

What is Solar?

The need to explore alternative sources of energy to power homes and businesses is critical. Solar Energy has the potential to become a sustainable, clean and renewable option that could be the power of the future.

Our greatest natural resource which will provide more than 6 Billion years of power, the SUN. Australia is blessed with the best solar capabilities in the world, which means make the Smartest energy choice today by going solar. Energy from solar system is the smartest way to power your homes today.

During sunlight hours, solar power assists with the supply of power to the household, an alternative to using power from the power company. Through monitoring usage habits and spacing out utilisation during the day, you can make the most of a solar powered solution.

Any excess solar energy sent back to the power grid, is recognised as a credit, also known as a solar contribution on your energy bill. This means your electricity retailer will purchase any excess solar, that your solar array feeds back into the grid. If you require more electricity, you are still able to utilise power from the grid – ensuring you are supplied with the necessary amount of power for your home.

Australia being the sun blessed country receives the highest average solar radiations per square meter as compared to any other continent in the world. As such going Solar is the smartest option as compared to other energy saving techniques.
The Sun, the natural power plant in the sky produces energy in the form of heat and light; called Solar Energy. When this energy is converted into electricity either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar energy, Solar Power is produced.
Photovoltaics’ is the technology used to convert sunlight into electric energy to generate Solar Power. This is done using solar cells or photovoltaic cells which convert Light Energy in the form of photons into Direct Current – DC. Direct Current is then converted into Alternate Current (AC) via inverter for your household use.
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Solar panels on the roof. (Solar cell)

Why Go Solar?

Start saving money on your electric bill now

Savings of 80-90% on the electricity bill.

Lock-in energy costs for years to come and avoid the hiking rates

Inflation in the electricity prices doesn’t bothers you. Lock-in energy costs for years.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installation & maintenance is not that tough, especially when skilled hands are at work.

Increase value of your property instantly

Stop wasting money on electricity and build an asset for your home.

Enjoy Benefits of Government Incentives

Take advantage of government incentives and subsidies announced from time to time.

Durable & Environment Friendly

Go Solar and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Plus panels are covered by our 25 Year Warranty.

Key stages

Installation Process

Each stage here illustrates the installation process for a Solar Power System.

Switch from traditional electricity to solar power and enjoy numerous benefits!

Why Shift to Solar

Just by keeping a track of usage and planning out proper utilization, one can make the most out of a solar powered solution. In case power grid receives any excess energy back, it is considered as a credit and is termed as solar contribution on the energy bill. Thus, the electricity provider has to buy whatsoever energy gets fed back into the grid by the solar array. However, if more electricity is needed, power from the grid can be utilized ensuring that the required amount of power is being supplied to your home.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Solar Power Systems may work on complex technology, however its installation and maintenance is not that tough, especially when skilled hands are at work. We always use accredited CEC installers, which go with our duty as solar panel designers approved by Clean Energy Council. All our technicians have undergone the necessary professional training, in adherence to Australian Standards and industry`s best practices. Your Solar Power System Installation should not take more than One Day!

Environment Friendly

Go Solar and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! This is the cleanest and the most reasonable form of renewable energy available today. By opting for a Solar Power System you are not only doing yourself a favour but helping Mother Nature as well. A standard residential solar power system can wipe out three to four tons of carbon emissions per year that is equivalent to planting over 100 trees annually.

Available All The Time

Let’s clear this myth that solar power is available only when the Sun is up there in the sky. However, the fact is energy is supplied round the clock as we connect you to the grid. As such there is no risk of power outage at night. More over if you have chosen solar panels with a battery backup system, then power can be stored for use during the night or during cloudy days and of course in case of emergencies. Hence, come rain or snow, you are always assured of getting power for your appliances as the system will continue to generate energy or use energy stored in the battery backup systems.


Solar Panels are not damaged easily as there are no moving parts; thus, lowering the chances of any interruption in service. All our solar panels are thoroughly examined to make sure that they can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions like hail or heavy snowfall.

If in a rare case, any panels do get damaged, that is covered by our 25 Year Warranty.

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Barrie BrookesBarrie Brookes
01:42 16 May 24
Best money I’ve spent!Every step of the way was easy and hassle free with this business. Nothing was too hard for them to consider or do. Even the installer was a delight to work with. Since then I’ve been able to monitor the system from my computer and I’m saving a ton of money. Would highly recommend.
Dash SpaceskiDash Spaceski
03:10 10 May 24
The process was very smooth. Clean and green have taken care of all our approvals. No complaints for that. They professionally completed the things but that took little longer to change the smart metre from the retailer
Richard GerrardRichard Gerrard
23:54 09 May 24
Very happy with their service. No complaints
Victor PVictor P
05:09 06 May 24
What a great service, very helpful and explain me everything and try get proper system for me he helped me to get better feed in rates
Luciana De MusisLuciana De Musis
04:10 06 May 24
Clean and green solutions are the good company to deal with. We got old Solar system at our place and we were not saving much from that and one of our friends have suggested us Clean and green. They installed system from them and were very happy. After we contacting them they are very prompt with the actions and helped us. They are very professional I must say and the team is very professional too.I would highly recommend them to others.
Dean Platten morrisDean Platten morris
05:42 28 Feb 24
Very helpful, good communication, pleasant to work with.
Pero JakovovicPero Jakovovic
05:25 24 Jan 24
Excellent service, always helpful, fully recommend
Patrick LanePatrick Lane
03:53 15 Jan 24
Excellent service, very happy for after installation, work fine , only one phone call away
Glenn BurtonGlenn Burton
01:53 05 Jan 24
Excellent service after installation and they gave really good plan happy for it , recommend to everyone, cheap system as well.
Rajan DuaRajan Dua
07:03 30 Sep 23
I was having issues getting solar installed because of the steep roof. Finally, I cam in contact with Clean and Green Solutions team. They cleared all my doubts, visited the site, and the installation went perfectly. It was the nice gesture that the sales person personally came to see there are no concerns and everything going well on the day of installation. I am very happy with my experience with Clean and Green Solutions and after sales support as well.
Dennis GibbonsDennis Gibbons
02:09 05 Sep 23
Very happy with their service. We upgraded our solar system with clean and green solutions in 2021. We were in credit from the time we install system. Last week we had trouble with our solar app. We contacted them and they are very prompt with their service. They came to our place and fixed that. Very happy.. They are very progressively. Highly recommend
Sue LemmerSue Lemmer
05:57 31 May 23
It’s been almost two years since solar installation by their team, system is working flawlessly. I have seen significant reduction in my bills. Thanku Clean and Green Solutions team for this top notch service.
Warren PetherickWarren Petherick
02:41 12 Feb 23
We got 6.6kw solar system with clean and green. Very happy with the savings. Got the return as promised. We contacted them again for battery. Happy with everything from beginning to end.

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